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Type: None

State Programs: None

Private Programs: Attorneys earning certification through a private certifying program, even an ABA-accredited program, must include the disclaimer language in any advertising.

Regulatory Scheme: Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 7.2 permits lawyers to state or imply that they specialize as long as such statements comply with Rule 7.1, which prohibits false or misleading statements in communications regarding lawyers' services. However, advertisements referencing specialty certification must also include the following disclaimer: "Colorado does not certify attorneys as specialists in any field" [Comment 11A]. The disclaimer is not required where the information concerning the lawyer's services is contained in a law list, law directory or a publication intended primarily for use of the legal profession. The comment to Rule 7.4 indicates that a claim of certification contained in a lawyer's letterhead does not require the disclaimer unless the letterhead is used in an advertisement.

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