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History of Attorney Specialization in Indiana by Melissa S. May

The ability to represent oneself as a “specialist” in a specific field of law has been accepted by the Indiana Supreme Court since 1995, but it has not been actively embraced by the majority of Indiana attorneys. This Article examines the history of attorney specialization in Indiana, compares some experiences in states where certification has proven particularly successful, and addresses the future.

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Your Doctor is Board Certified. Is Your Lawyer?

Lawyer Specialization and Certification: Observations on History, the Future, and the Standard of Care When Certified Lawyers are Sued by Thomas P. Sartwelle. The Professional Lawyer, vol. 20, no. 4 (2011).

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Ethical Considerations in Marketing and Advertising Specialization

An overview of lawyer specialization in Texas by Gary McNeil, Executive Director of the Texas Board of Legal Specialization at the 28th Annual Construction Law Conference in San Antonio, Texas, 2015.

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