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Case Law research contributions by Jillian Randles, 3L at Campbell Law School, Raleigh, NC

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Restrictions on Advertising of Specialization

Professionalism, Ethics, and Peer Review

Specialty Examination Standards and Grading



The Florida Bar v. Hollander 638 So. 2d 516 (1994)

Where board certification standards contain an ethical component, an attorney may be denied recertification on the basis of disciplinary reprimands, even ifthe reprimandsresulted from the actions of other associates in that attorney’s office.

Attorney Hollanderwas denied recertificationas a Florida Bar Board Certified Real Estate Lawyer because he received two disciplinary reprimands.One of the requirements for recertification is statutory peer review and a satisfactory professional ethicsrecord.

The Bar argued, and the Court agreed, that if a lawyer is twice publicly reprimanded for violations dealing with fee arrangements, and is still permitted to hold himself out as a board certified real estate attorney, the ethical standards for certification would be meaningless.


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