Wendy W. Williams - Photos

A teeter totter at 49ers Boys Camp, Berry Creek, California, circa 1950, Wendy, Jim and Tim Webster.

The founders of Equal Rights Advovcates, Inc., San Francisco, circa 1973; Wendy Williams, Mary Dunlap, Nancy Davis. (A fourth lawyer.) 

Webster family, circa 1974, Nevada City, California. Front row, siblings Richard Webster (holding Snuffy), Betsy Webster, Barbara Webster; second row, siblings Timothy Webster, James Webster, Susan Webster; back row, parents Paul Webster and Jean Webster; Wendy Webster.


Husband Richard Diamond, sons Luke and Ethan, 1988.

The Red Line Group at Wilson Center, 2008. Front row: Phillipa Strum, Deirdre Moloney, Salim Yaqub; middle row: Mary Ellen Curtin, M. T. Connolly, Robyn Muncy; back row: Matt Dallek and Wendy W. Williams ( Not in photo: Patricia Sullivan.)