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Women Trailblazers in the Law: Our Visions, Our Voices

The story of the women who entered the legal profession in the 1970's and earlier, facing discrimination and a variety of challenges and dilemmas.

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Women from the Trailblazers Project tell their stories to C-SPAN in a series of oral history interviews.

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Stories from Trailblazing Women Lawyers: Lives in the Law describes the lives and careers, triumphs and tribulations of senior women lawyers and judges as recounted in oral histories included in the Women Trailblazers Project’s collection. This fascinating account of the experiences of women entering a male-dominated legal profession as featured in the collection was written by Jill Norgren, professor emerita of CUNY, and was published by New York University Press in May 2018.

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The Women Trailblazers in the Law Project, a public service program of the American Bar Association’s Senior Lawyers Division and Commission on Women in the Profession, acknowledges with gratitude the generous financial support of the following law firms, organizations, and individuals.

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Memorializing the Work and Lives of Women Trailblazers in the Law

The Women Trailblazers Project (WTP) is a unique initiative that is designed to make the life stories of outstanding women in the legal profession readily available to lawyers and nonlawyers alike.

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The Rules of Engagement: How Women Attorneys Broke Law’s Glass Ceiling

Through the WTP interviews, these veterans of legal practice have written themselves into history in their words. They discuss what drew them to law. They reveal how they confronted blatant discrimination. The vast majority are parents, so work-family balance is a constant theme.

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Remembering Lizabeth A. Moody

It is with great sadness that the SLD share the passing of our first female division chair and Woman Trailblazer, Lizabeth A. Moody.

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