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Voice of Experience

Voice of Experience: May 2024

SLD Lawyer Retirement Starter Series

Joan Myers Bondareff


  • Planning for retirement takes time and here is how you can learn tips and tricks to make the transition easier. 
SLD Lawyer Retirement Starter Series

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For readers of Voice of Experience, the Senior Law Division (SLD) of the ABA is proud to announce its continuing series on retirement presented by Mr. Robert Louis, an esteemed expert on planning for, adjusting to, and living in the life stage of retirement. The SLD began this series a few years ago and has been very well received. The webinars can be listened to over and over again at your leisure. 

Access the archive of past programs on the ABA’s Lawyer Retirement Starter Series Page to get answers to your retirement questions. Past programs have focused on personal finance, health insurance, retirement lifestyles, and tax planning. The next live program, “Optimizing Retirement Benefits for Corporate and Government Lawyers,” is scheduled for June 3, 2024.

For those of you planning for, or in retirement, this series will help you navigate your way through the challenges of these decisions and seasons. As Mr. Louis says, “There is life after the practice of law, so sit back, listen, and enjoy.”