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Voice of Experience

Voice of Experience: May 2024

Lawyer Wellbeing: Brain Health Hacks for Cognitive Function and Mental Health

Michael L Goldblatt


  • Tips and resources for improving your cognitive function.
Lawyer Wellbeing: Brain Health Hacks for Cognitive Function and Mental Health Gebhardt

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In the Fall of 2022, the ABA’s Young Lawyers Division produced a 1-hour webinar about maintaining brain health. Archived at the ABA website, the webinar explains how to avoid dementia through exercise, diet, and homeopathy. It qualifies for MCLE credit in several states.

The webinar features a presentation by Dr. Heather Sanderson, a doctor specializing in neurocognitive medicine. The course materials include PowerPoints and a program transcript.

The webinar is available from the ABA Online Store for free to members ($150 for non-members). After purchase, it can be accessed on-demand with a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Watch this ABA webinar to learn about lifestyles that help prevent Alzheimer’s later in life. For more information, see below for links to other ABA resources. Make others aware by getting involved in Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in June. See this ABA Senior Lawyers Division webinar in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association on June 28 “Advancing the Science: the Latest in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research” And join or create an ABA Team for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in September.


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An estimated 6.7 million Americans over 65 are living with Alzheimer’s. Take time during Alzheimer’s Awareness month to learn about Alzheimer’s disease and healthy lifestyles that can reduce the risk of cognitive decline.  Get more information at the Alzheimer’s Association Support Website and the Association’s YouTube channel, ALZ Talks. And support Alzheimer’s Awareness Month by wearing purple during June.