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Voice of Experience

Voice of Experience: March 2024

Writing a Bio

Michael L Goldblatt


  • Bios can be used in directory listings, business proposals, firm websites, and across many different social media websites. 
  • Having an outstanding bio increases the chances of attracting clients and job opportunities.
  • Bios can be used across many different social media websites. 
Writing a Bio

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In 1960 Columbia Pictures released “Let No Man Write My Epitaph,” a movie set in a crime-laden Chicago neighborhood. The film features a star-studded cast with James Darin portraying the son of a convicted murderer, Shelly Winters as his mother, and Burl Ives as the judge that befriends him. The soundtrack contains popular songs performed by Ella Fitzgerald who portrays a cabaret singer. The theme of the movie is achieving a better outcome than others expect. Although not available on streaming channels, the movie occasionally shows on TCM’s cable channel.

Well-written biographical information can attract clients, enhance reputations, get jobs, and recruit staff. Biographies tell a narrative story that promote you and your firm. You can use bios in directory listings, business proposals, firm websites, and social media profiles. Below are tips to help you write a new biography or update an old one. For further help, see the articles, books, and forms that follow the article.


  • Audience – consider the adversaries, clients, judges, prospects, and recruits who will read the bio.
  • Awards – remember to mention awards and accomplishments.
  • Contact - include contact information and a link for submitting inquiries.
  • Content - provide credentials, history, personal interests, and practice areas. 
  • Graphics - insert a professionally taken photograph and use bulleted lists and infographics.
  • Length - keep it brief to attract readers.
  • Results - mention examples of successful results in your practice areas.
  • Writing - use short sentences, non-legalese, and show personality.

Bios give clients and prospects a reason for seeking your services. Use the tips and resources mentioned in this article to write your bio. Ask an associate or marketing professional to proofread your bio and suggest improvements. Mark your calendar with an annual reminder to update your directory listings, social media profile, and website bio. Let no one write your epitaph – do it yourself!