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Voice of Experience

Voice of Experience: October 2023 | Voting & Elections

Exercising Your Right to Vote

Michael L Goldblatt

Exercising Your Right to Vote Productions

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Thirty years ago, Kevin Kline won a Golden Globe for playing a presidential look-alike in a political comedy called "Dave." Klein portrayed an ordinary citizen who secretly substitutes for a President that suffered a stroke. As pseudo-President, Dave makes a difference by advancing programs for the public good. He continues the charade until the Vice President returns from a goodwill tour of Africa and is sworn in as President. The funny and inspiring movie is available for streaming on Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and YouTube.

The American Bar Association recognized the importance of voting in 2014 when it adopted the Law Day theme of “American Democracy and the Rule of Law: Why Every Vote Matters.”  Voting enables lawyers to discharge their civic duty and advance causes they support. This article has several voting tips and resources for implementing them.


Encourage Others - rally family and friends to vote.

Influence Outcomes - influence outcomes by voting for candidates that support your causes.

Investigate Candidates - research the voting records of candidates and their truthfulness.

Participate - consider volunteering to help candidates win the election.

Register - confirm your voter registration and calendar for renewal.

Stay Informed - read local and national publications to determine candidate positions.

Vote Early - avoid long lines by voting early or balloting by mail.


In the last presidential election, voting turnout ranged from 48% in the 18-24 age bracket to 72% for voters age 65 and older. Make a difference like Dave - stay informed and exercise your right to vote.


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