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Voice of Experience: May 2023

Working After Retirement

Michael L Goldblatt

Working After Retirement
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By 2030 the youngest members of the Baby Boom Generation will be 65 years old. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that 40% of them will work into their 60's and more than 10% will continue working in their 70's. Some seek employment for income and others work to seek purpose in life. Most will be impacted by remote work trends and shifting perceptions of retirement.

Working after retirement age can boost savings, improve well-being, and increase Social Security benefits. It is important to consult your financial advisor and family members to assess the benefits and disadvantages of continuing to work. Below are alternatives for working after retirement and resources for pursuing them.


Continuity - continue working at your firm; consider a reduced schedule or change in responsibility.

Mentoring - mentor younger lawyers at your firm or participate in bar sponsored programs.

Part-timer - pursue part-time or contract work for existing clients, former firms, or new prospects.

Pro Bono - serve the community by participating in volunteer activities or pro bono programs.

Teaching - stay connected to the profession by teaching law or leading a seminar.


Working after retirement can enrich your life and your wallet. It can also improve your well-being and lengthen your life. Use the resources listed below to pursue work opportunities during your twilight years.



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