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Voice of Experience: June 2023

Travel Tips

Michael L Goldblatt

Travel Tips Louw

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This year Americans are spending less on travel, but most still plan to take a summer trip. Summer travel can help to overcome stress and rejuvenate. It can also provide time to reconnect with family and friends.

Summer travel will be busy this year, but smart travelers can use advance planning to avoid crowds and reduce costs. A comprehensive plan delegates tasks, selects destinations, and books travel arrangements. This article provides tips and resources for planning an affordable and fun trip.


Accommodations - consider low-cost accommodations like B&B's, campgrounds, and college dorms.

Activities – choose experiential destinations to focus on adventure or culture.

Costs – economize with car travel and destinations that are off the beaten path or off-season.

Crowding – avoid crowds by traveling in late Summer and visiting lesser-known destinations.  

Disconnecting – alert clients of travel plans and assign responsibility for monitoring messages.

Duration – travel for at least a week to allow time to decompress.

Enhancement – add value by traveling to a summer festival, attending a bar association meeting, or participating in volunteer opportunities.

Insurance – purchase travel insurance to cover cancellations, health emergencies, lost luggage, and theft.

Reservations – book several months in advance to ensure availability and lower prices for flights, hotels, and rental cars.

Staycations – save money and stress by staying at home and take day trips to local sites.

Theme – consider a travel theme (e.g., outdoor adventure, road trip, wellness retreat, etc.) to make travel more memorable.

Websites - use travel websites to book and track excursions, lodging, and transportation.


Travel is therapeutic and beneficial to lawyer well-being. Time away from the office improves mental and physical health. Use the travel tips mentioned in this article to plan a sensational summer vacation. Use the accompanying resources for additional tips and travel information.


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Expedia, Hotels, Hotwire, Kayak, Orbitz, and Priceline (reserve flights, hotels and rental cars)

Music Festival Wizard (search festivals)

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Trip Advisor (evaluate hotels, restaurants, and things to do)

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