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Voice of Experience: July 2023 | Health

Teaching as a Retirement or Career Option: A Short Addendum

George John Siedel

Teaching as a Retirement or Career Option:  A Short Addendum
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The May 31, 2023, VOE newsletter included a wonderful article by Joan Bondareff titled “Teaching as a Retirement or Career Option.” In the article Ms. Bondareff describes her experiences teaching in an international exchange program organized by the Center for International Legal Studies and teaching a renewable energy course at Georgetown Law School. She also mentions her upcoming course on the Law of the Sea at American University’s Washington College of Law. The article concludes: “I highly recommend it [teaching] as a retirement or part-time working option.”

In addition to the types of teaching experiences described by Ms. Bondareff, there are opportunities to teach law in business schools. Traditionally, business schools have offered full-time positions that include research responsibilities and part-time positions. Recently, business schools have developed a third opportunity—full-time teaching positions that do not include research requirements. In June 2023, the American Bar Association Journal posted my article describing these positions. The article also covers these differences between teaching in a law school and a business school:

  • Business law professors tend to be generalists.
  • Business law courses are offered to both undergraduates and graduate students.
  • Law practice experience is especially useful when teaching business law.
  • Business law professors often have opportunities to assume leadership opportunities on campus.
  • There are many international teaching opportunities.
  • Business law professors have an opportunity to work with faculty from a variety of disciplines.

The article concludes with advice on how to pursue business law teaching opportunities.

If you have retired or are contemplating retirement, I hope that you will consider a teaching career along the lines suggested by Ms. Bondareff, or in a business school, as described in the ABAJ article.