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Voice of Experience

Voice of Experience: July 2023 | Health

Incoming Chair's Column

Richard M Leslie

Incoming Chair's Column University Images

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This is my first column as your Chair of the Senior Lawyers Division, as I will officially take the reins from our current chair Jim Schwartz after our Annual Meeting this August in Denver, CO. Last year, Jim and I worked hard to change our organizational structure by naming 9 Group Directors to oversee and coordinate our hard-working committees. The Group Directors reported to us, and they will do so again this year. We believe this reorganization makes the SLD more cohesive and gives more opportunities for leadership.

This upcoming bar year, we will continue working hard on our outstanding publications, Voice of Experience and Experience Magazine. These benefit our nearly 50,000 members greatly as they transition in their careers and lives. It is our members who submit their writings and stories that are published. Join them and write for us!

Our Mid-Year ABA Meeting will be in Louisville, KY, January 31 - February 5, 2024, and our ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago July 31 - August 6, 2024. We will also be having a spring meeting in Coral Gables (Miami), FL, May 16-18, 2024. We hope you will be able to attend and enjoy these meetings with us as we come back to in-person events.

I encourage all of you to be as active in the SLD as you can. Read your emails and contribute. We need your ideas and views! Help us make the SLD even better. Feel free to call me, (305) 898-1276, or email me, [email protected], about anything SLD. I am here for you, humbled, and honored to serve as your Chair for the 2023-2024 Bar Year.

Let’s make this year the best year the SLD has ever had. To do so, we want and need your participation, effort, and commitment.