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Voice of Experience: July 2023 | Health

How to Sleep Better

Michael L Goldblatt

How to Sleep Better
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Fifty years ago, United Artists released a slapstick comedy called Sleeper with Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. The plot involves a cryogenically frozen patient who awakens two hundred years later in an Orwellian America. The movie was a hit with critics and viewers. It was shot around Denver and features a soundtrack by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band of New Orleans. Streaming is available on Netflix.

Sleep enables the body to heal and refresh. It also helps avoid diabetes, hypertension, inflammation, and obesity. Sleep can also improve mental and physical performance. Follow the tips listed below to sleep better and use the accompanying resources for additional help. Consider seeing a health care provider for chronic difficulty falling asleep or constantly interrupted sleep.  


Breath - at bedtime, inhale for 4 seconds, hold breath for 7 seconds, then exhale, and repeat 3 times.

Decaffeinate – limit caffeine consumption after lunchtime.

Compensate - offset occasional sleep deficits with daytime napping or sleeping late the next day.

Prepare – avoid exercise, eating, drinking, and stressors before bedtime.

Relax - try meditating or listening to music to help fall asleep.

Schedule - go to bed around the same time every day and get 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Track - use tracking apps to monitor sleep trends and reinforce good sleeping habits.


A good night's sleep helps us stay happy and healthy. It can also improve concentration and productivity. Use the resources listed below to sleep better. See a health care professional for problems falling or staying asleep.


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