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Voice of Experience: February 2023 | Transition

Transitioning to an In-House Career

Michael L Goldblatt

Transitioning to an In-House Career

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Professor Eli Wald recently wrote a scholarly article for Fordham Law Review about the 200-year history of in-house legal careers. He notes that the current generation of in-house lawyers have gained in stature. He also extolls all lawyers to consider their responsibility to clients, the legal system, and the public interest.

Changing jobs can be risky when moving from a law firm to a corporation. Careers can be stymied by lack of advancement, job loss can result from corporate mergers, and new management can change the standing of in-house lawyers. Following are some tips and resources to help you transition to a successful career as an in-house counsel.


Advancement - confirm that the company provides adequate opportunity for advancement within the law department and management.

Assessment - assess the job and yourself to assure that you are a good fit for the position and the company.

Career - pursue employers that have established career paths (e.g., staff attorney, senior attorney, managing attorney, director, general counsel).

Networking - continuing your professional network with outside lawyers to share expertise, friendships, and career opportunities.

Industry - avoid cyclical industries that are prone to layoffs and salary freezes.

Professionalism - set aside time to take part in bar association programs and pro bono activities.

Timing - delay departure from your firm for several years after graduation to develop your legal knowledge and supervisory abilities.

Moving to a corporate law department can bring career satisfaction and financial rewards. Plan your move carefully to avoid career regret. Carefully study the industry and job requirements. Assess your abilities to decide whether they are a good fit for the role you will be doing in the new job. For more help, check the resources at the end of this article. Good luck with your career!


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