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Voice of Experience: April 2023 | Transition

Going Back to School

Michael L Goldblatt

Going Back to School
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About 40 years ago, Rodney Dangerfield wrote and starred in Back to School. The PG-13 rated movie tells the story of a successful entrepreneur who regrets not going to college. The plot involves Dangerfield enrolling in college to help his son's freshmen transition. Despite the film’s age, it’s still fun to watch Dangerfield's timeless antics and self-deprecating humor.

Lawyers can advance their careers by going back to school anytime during their career. Options include continuing education seminars, non-degree courses, and post-graduate degree programs. Post-JD education can keep you current with changes in the law and sharpen your skills. Below are tips for continuing you education and resources for implementing them.    


Benefits - use educational programs to add specialties, change careers, improve skills, and expand social networks.

Costs - consider free and low-cost programs offered by online providers and community colleges.

Disciplines - options include practice management, law office technology, and legal specialties like environmental, estate planning, international, maritime, and tax law.

Providers - search programs offered by bar associations, CLE organizations, online providers, and universities.

Style - select the learning style that suits your needs (e.g. in-person, online, and podcasts).

Teaching - give back to the profession by teaching at an undergraduate college or law school.

Timing - attend CLE programs early in careers, use part-time programs at career mid-points, pursue full-time programs for sabbaticals, and take adult education courses during retirement.


Going back to school helps lawyers advance careers and reach personal fulfillment after retirement. Continuing education can be used to improve practice skills, learn legal developments, and continue learning in retirement. Follow the tips mentioned above and read the resources listed below to facilitate a smooth transition back to school.


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