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Thanking Clients with Gifts

Michael L Goldblatt

Thanking Clients with Gifts Kruh

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Promotional items were introduced in America with campaign buttons in the 1789 Presidential election. They did not become popular for business use until 100 years later with the introduction of swag bags. During the past 50 years, the use of promotional products has mushroomed with billions of dollars of swag items given annually. This holiday season is a good time to express client appreciation with a promotional gift. This article provides tips for giving promotional items and resources with additional information.


Budgeting - Budget about $1,000 to give away low-cost items like pens or calendars to your top 100 clients. Carefully consider order quantity since the cost per item usually reduces based on quantity ordered. In addition to the price for giveaways, remember to budget for the cost of personalizing, handling, and shipping to clients.

Cards - Include a card with a handwritten note thanking clients for their relationship and expressing appreciation for future referrals.

Choosing - Consider using inexpensive gifts like books, calendars, clocks, pens, and mugs. Consult the provider’s staff for help selecting gifts.

Ordering - Prepare a list of clients and then add up the total number of gifts needed. Order extras to keep available for unexpected needs and order early to assure timely delivery. Order gifts from a reliable provider that has a reputation for quality products and customer service.

Personalizing - Use personalization to keep your name in front of clients and at the top of their minds. Include your firm’s name, logo, phone, and email address. Use an easy-to-read font like arial. If space is available, add your firm’s web address, social media handle, and a logo.

Timing - To assure timely delivery, allow adequate time to order gifts, handwrite gift cards, prepare mailing labels, and arrange shipping. Decide on whether to deliver the gifts in person or by mail. Consider using a mailing service to handle gift wrapping, addressing, and shipping.


Gift giving is a way to show appreciation and make a connection with clients. Personalizing gifts can keep your firm’s name in front of them. Consider using an assistant to help select promotional items and distribute them to clients. Consult bar association staff to confirm that there are no ethical issues with gifting or personalization (for example, state bar regulators in North Carolina recently gave a green light for promotional products).



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