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Rethinking Where You Live

Michael L Goldblatt

Rethinking Where You Live Nekrasov

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Since the onset of the Coronavirus crisis, many lawyers have relocated from large urban centers to small towns and suburbs. Many relocate to reduce housing costs and improve living conditions. Others move to reduce taxes and live in temperate climates. Relocation has many traps whether moving for family, work, retirement, or other reasons. Difficulties include new cultures, bar requirements, taxes, and unexpected expenses. Below are some considerations and resources for rethinking where you live.

Things to Consider

Assess Risks - assess your tolerance for dealing with challenges and unfamiliar situations.
Consider Renting - consider renting for a few years to try a new location before buying a residence.
Investigate Amenities - check availability of activities, airports, family, friends, hospitals, and nightlife.
Seek Help - use a relocation consultant, life coach, or realtor to help with decision-making.
Set Priorities - rank the importance of features, location, and size of residence.
Select Location - evaluate affordability, amenities, crime, friendliness, size, and weather.
Survey Household - survey household members to determine their preferences.


Consider moving to a new city to move your life forward. Changing places can improve your living conditions and your outlook on life. Do your homework since moving involves significant effort and risk. Be adaptable and allow time to adjust to local customs and living conditions. Check the resources accompanying this article to select a place and prepare for moving.