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Member Spotlight: Jodi Levine

Member Spotlight: Jodi Levine Vanags

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I was given six questions seeking specific answers to define experience and how the beginning determines the journey. These are dependent upon being interesting or being similar enough to the reader for the reader to finish the article.

Let me not answer those questions, and risk being boring.  Having a law degree can be a ticket on the fast train to living a pretty good life. After graduation, you pass the bar to practice law or use the degree to do another profession, and you get the first job. This job can lead to another or you discover the first job is the one you want. Either way you have the chance to have a fancy title and people look to you for answers and receive monetary rewards for it. Pretty sweet.

My admission is that I am a purist who believes we are members of a profession whose basis is ethics. Being a lawyer or judge means dedicating yourself to a code of ethics and living up to those standards. It means being respectful of others even when they oppose everything about you. Being a lawyer or judge is nothing if you do not like people or are unwilling to listen to them. Being a lawyer or judge means doing the right thing when everyone and no one is watching.  

Being a lawyer or judge also means having a good sense of self and not believing those media reports of how wonderful you are. It means having a well-developed sense of humor.

So, do not rush to a conclusion in court or in life, risk being dull or boring or silly and enjoy the journey ----