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James L Schwartz

Chair's Column

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Dear SLD:

L'Shana Tovah or Happy New Year to all of my friends and colleagues, jewish and gentile, in the ABA and especially in the SLD.  

As we enter the jewish holidays this month, I offer this seminal prayer which I saw written by Rabbi Joseph B. Meszler for us all at the time of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, and the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur:

That this year people will live and die,
some more gently than others and nothing lives forever.
But amidst overwhelming forces of nature and humankind,
we still write our own Book of Life,
and our actions are the words in it,
and the stages of our lives are the chapters,
and nothing goes unrecorded, ever.
Every deed counts.
Everything you do matters.
And we never know what act or word will leave an impression or tip the scale.
So, if not now, then when?
For the things we can change, there is t’shuvah, realignment,
For the things we cannot change, there is t’filah, prayer,
For the help we can give, there is tzedakah, justice.
Together, let us write a beautiful Book of Life for the Holy One to read.

And to each of you, may you be inscribed in the Book of Life by the Holy One and may your words, deeds and actions be a beautiful remembrance of you and all you represent.  I applaud and love each and every one of you both today, tomorrow and every day throughout the year and hope your journey this entire year is a blessed one.  And may each of you, through your words and deeds and involvement, spur me to work even harder for you and the betterment of SLD, both today and tomorrow and for the remainder of my term as your Chair.