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The Path Forward: A Roadmap for your Retirement Journey

Ida O Abbott, Lisa B Horowitz, and Karen S Morris

Are you looking to transition from practice to an enriching post practice life?  Now is a great time to begin to navigate your own personal journey. By creating your own individualized plan, you can embark on a future doing what you want and living in ways that will engage you, keep you stimulated and give your life purpose.

Retirement can be seen as a gift: a chance to shift gears, explore interests, start encore careers, or pursue adventures that have long been deferred. When you view the future as filled with promise and possibilities, and you design it on your own terms, the prospect of retirement can be exciting and revitalizing.

Join us for an interactive conversation with Ida Abbott, author of the renowned book: "Retirement by Design," during which you will learn how to create your overall retirement strategy, and design a retirement plan that’s tailored to your unique needs, interests, circumstances and desires for the future.

Download the Powerpoint.