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Immigrant Beneficiaries: Basic Requirements of Wills and Living Trusts

Qiang Bjornbak, Karren J Pope-Onwukwe, and Jill Marie Sauber

Valid wills and living trusts are planning tools that allow a person to designate fiduciaries to step in and make financial decisions then distributions for their loved ones. The seminar will outline the basic requirements of wills and living trusts, types of living trusts, functions of different trusts, how to customize wills and living trusts, and how to avoid some common mistakes.

Considering U.S. immigration law, a petitioner’s death can adversely affect the beneficiary’s pending immigration case. This seminar will explore the immigration consequences of the death of the Petitioner in family-based immigration cases, the reliefs to beneficiaries, reinstatement of the immigrant petition on humanitarian grounds, and substitute sponsors for an immigrant.