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Global Data Privacy Laws Fireside Chat

Adriana Sanford and Jonathan Michael Meyer

Data privacy laws around the world continue to develop and fragment as CCOs, CPOs, corporate counsel, external law firms, and corporate boards struggle to become familiar with the subject matter. Organizations must map personal and sensitive data that needs to be protected according to the various countries where they do business. Variations in laws and multijurisdictional conflicts impact US businesses which can result in hefty fines and criminal liability for noncompliance. Minor breaches that go unreported or unaddressed in some jurisdictions can have severe repercussions, including loss of business elsewhere. Prioritizing legal and compliance risks associated with new legal developments, and the nuances in connection therewith, is key to economic recovery, innovation, and business success.

Adriana Sanford provides a top-level focus on global data privacy laws and will discuss the growing need for a Chief Privacy Officer (CPO).