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Experience April/May 2024

War: A Playlist

Jeffrey M Allen and Seth D Kramer


  • War is often a source for musical artists, they use their skills to speak in favor of or against the wars of their times.
War: A Playlist

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As it was about many things, the 1960s was a transitional time for songs about war. Until then, they were mainly battle songs, songs glorifying war, or songs praising participants in war. But as the Vietnam War raged, anti-war songs took center stage.

Here are a few from both genres, offered for their historical and musical significance, not to champion or disparage their content or what they stand for.

Join the conversation. Email us ([email protected]) and ([email protected]) by May 30 to tell us the songs about war that you’d add to our playlist and why they’re fitting contributions. Then watch for the next issue of Voice of Experience for an updated list.