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Experience October/November 2023

From the Division Chair: Everything Is Better With Friends

Richard M Leslie

From the Division Chair: Everything Is Better With Friends

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Friendship is the Senior Lawyers Division! We all joined the American Bar Association for many reasons, but clearly, friendship was an essential one.

The Senior Lawyers Division wants its members to have fun and enjoy friendship. Lawyers seek friendship and value it. Working together, while planning many things for senior lawyers, always is more successful with friends. Attending conventions, meetings, and even Zoom calls are better with friends.

What differences arise are more easily resolved with friends. Differing views receive more thought from opposing parties who are friends.

Mark your calendar

We’re looking forward to your attending the Midyear ABA Meeting in February 2024 in Louisville. Our SLD meeting chair will be Robert Brown, our budget officer.

From May 16-18, 2024, our spring SLD meeting will be at the University of Miami Law School near Miami, in Coral Gables, Fla. We’re also hosting a joint conference with the Commission on Law & Aging for their annual National & Aging Law Conference. It should be warm and sunny, after what may have been cold and snowy winters for many of you. Don Slesnick, a member of our council, will be the meeting chair. He’s also a past 10-year mayor of Coral Gables.

Our final meeting will be the Annual Meeting in Chicago this summer, which will be chaired by Jim Schwartz, the SLD’s 2022-2023 chair.

We’re continuing our new Senior Lawyers Division structure, with group directors and greater information to all committees. Our emphasis will be on our fabulous publications, which serve as excellent guidance for our nearly 50,000 members. We look to be the home of transition in all its various shapes and roles.

Finally, our plan is fun!


Your friendly 2023-2024 SLD chair, Richard M. Leslie