March 31, 2021 Lawyer Wellness

COVID-19: Are you over 55?

By Gerald J.. Todaro

How do you live your life while minimizing the risk of sickness or dying from COVID-19? I’ve been asking myself that question lately. I’m 74. A recent announcement by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine caught my eye: “…of Ohioans who died from COVID-19, 87% were older than 65.” I checked the Ohio Department of Health website, last updated March 9, 2021, and found that those older than 60 actually make up 93% of Ohio COVID-19 deaths. What about other states I wondered? Is it open season on old people? I pulled up the statistics published on the CDC website’s COVID-19 Data Tracker. People, age 65 and older represent 81% of COVID-19 deaths across the United States. Yikes! These numbers come from pre-vaccination metrics, but they tell a cautionary tale.

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