April 28, 2021

Senior Lawyers Division Leadership

Pursuant to §6.1 of the Bylaws of the ABA Senior Lawyers Division, the Nominating Committee nominates the following individuals for election at the business session of the Division to be held during the 2021 Annual Meeting:

Automatic Succession:

  • Under the Bylaws, Carole L. Worthington, who is the current Chair-Elect, will automatically become the Chair for a term ending in 2022.
  • James L. Schwartz, who is the current Vice Chair, will automatically become the Chair-Elect for a term ending in 2022.


  • Vice-Chair (for a 2-year term ending in 2022): Richard M. Leslie
  • Secretary (for a 2-year term ending in 2023): Jeffrey M. Allen
  • Budget Officer (for a 2-year term ending in 2023): William Mock
  • Delegate (for a 3-year term ending in 2024): Seth Rosner
  • Council Member-at-Large (for a 4-year term ending in 2025) (2 positions):
    Orlando Lucero
    Deirdre Lok
  • Honorary Council Member (for a 2-year term ending in 2023): Robert E. Lutz

Respectfully submitted by the ABA Senior Lawyers Division Nominating Committee:

Albert C. Harvey, Chair
Carole L. Worthington, Vice Chair
Leonard H. Gilbert, Member
Harry Truman Moore, Member
Karren Pope-Onwukwe, Member