October 28, 2020 ABA Giving Day

Let’s Combine Our Strengths On ABA Giving Day--October 29th

Aloha (Greetings) from Hawaii!

By Marvin S.C. Dang
Donate on ABA Giving Day October 29!

Donate on ABA Giving Day October 29!

As a former Chair of the ABA Senior Lawyers Division and now a member of the ABA Board of Governors, I know that the combined strength of ABA members will make a positive difference on Thursday, October 29. That’s the inaugural ABA Giving Day which is being held during the 2020 National Celebration of Pro Bono – a celebration that recognizes the importance of the collective power of free legal services.

Free and low-cost legal services are urgently needed as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to expose and widen the justice gap. As ABA members, we can all help to fight these injustices.

On October 29 – ABA Giving Day - the combined strength of our charitable donations will change people’s lives by countering the escalation of housing insecurity, domestic violence, and financial hardship, especially in marginalized communities.

Please give online on or before Thursday, October 29 at

https://givingday.americanbar.org/  . . . or give generously in other ways!

ABA Giving Day is our special opportunity to invest our time and charitable dollars in initiatives that are improving equality within our justice system and are preventing injustice of all forms.

I want to share with you some of the ABA’s many “good works” initiatives that are on our nation’s front lines and that provide legal services to those who need them the most during these challenging times.

Rebuild Lives with Free Legal Services

ABA Free Legal Answers ensures that a person’s income does not limit their access to a lawyer. As a virtual legal aid clinic, ABAFreeLegalAnswers.org provides individuals and families across the country with free online legal advice. This website is an effective tool during the COVID-19 pandemic: it enables legal services to continue to be available and it ensures that the increased demand for legal services is addressed. Thanks to the effort of dedicated volunteers (including senior lawyers), thousands of Americans are receiving free legal assistance from ABA Free Legal Answers with issues related to lost jobs, evictions, insurance claims, family emergencies, and obtaining government benefits they need to survive.

Defend Immigrants and Fair Treatment Under the Law

As the pandemic exacerbates unsafe detention centers and an already fragmented court system, and as the southern border is being closed, the ABA Commission on Immigration nevertheless ensures that thousands of migrants are helped annually. The Commission trains pro bono lawyers, enables legal representation in court, and develops public policy. With its volunteers (including senior lawyers -  https://www.americanbar.org/groups/senior_lawyers/publications/experience/2020/april-may/what-i-saw-volunteering-border/  ), the Commission provides direct assistance and life-saving counsel to make justice possible for those seeking a safe haven. As a result, due process is possible for immigrants, asylum-seekers, and refugees.

End Poverty and Homelessness

Amid the eviction crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic, families are struggling to maintain housing. Recent events have also generated unprecedented public awareness about income inequality, children in poverty, and the disparate treatment of people. The ABA Commission on Homelessness & Poverty is protecting those in desperate need of assistance. The Commission develops public policy and implements best practices for the ABA’s community-based network of partners who work tirelessly to counteract the injustices of homelessness and poverty.

Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence

Domestic and sexual violence are increasing. Victims continue to live in harmful or dangerous situations while the pandemic creates obstacles to accessing help. The ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence advances systemic reforms and improves access to legal services to better secure victims’ safety. The Commission is a national leader in the field and it trains lawyers on protection orders, virtual litigation, and gun violence issues. Additionally, the Commission provides free resources to increase access to justice for victims seeking safety outside their homes.

There are many ways to make your donation--both now and in the future.

    It’s an easy way to provide dependable, ongoing support.
    Double your impact and receive recognition for the combined value of the gifts.
    Transfer your IRA’s required minimum distribution if you are aged 70 ½ or older as of January 1, 2020.
    Direct your charitable designation to support justice for all.
    Leave your legacy to the legal profession by including the ABA Fund for Justice and Education in your estate plan. Receive recognition as an ABA Society of Saratoga member.

Contact the ABA Fund for Justice and Education for assistance.
E-MAIL: fje@americanbar.org
PHONE: (312) 988-5927

Mahalo (thank you)!


Marvin S.C. Dang is the managing member of Law Offices of Marvin S.C. Dang, LLLC in Honolulu and has been a lawyer since 1978. He’s a member of the ABA Board of Governors (2020-2023), was the chair of the ABA Senior Lawyers Division (2018-2019), is a delegate in the ABA House of Delegates, and was a member of the ABA Nominating Committee. He served on the Council of the ABA Fund for Justice and Education, is a President’s Club Member, and is a member of the ABA’s Society of Saratoga. Over the past 44 years beginning as a law student, he’s held leadership positions in the various ABA divisions and sections. A former legislator in the Hawaii State House of Representatives, he’s now a registered lobbyist. His law firm’s practice areas include legislation, lobbying, creditors’ rights, and real estate matters. He received his law degree from the George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C.