December 16, 2020 Wellness

Surviving the Virus, Part IV

Learn more from our fellow SLD members about what they've been doing in Part IV, the final of our series.

Wellness In The Time Of Plague, 21st Century Style

I am semi-retired in Philadelphia, PA,  and live alone except for my cat, Lucy, who I adopted six years ago. When COVID-19 came crashing down on us back in March 2020, the Governor imposed a stay-at-home order and everything suddenly shut down. I abruptly found myself living my dream. I suppose I should explain. When I was a kid, I was pretty much a loner and sought escapism in books. I was the kid who read at night under the covers with a flashlight. When my parents sent me to take a bath, I would close the door, run the tub, and sit on the toilet lid reading until they would investigate, only to find a full, almost overflowing tub, and me reading a book. Well, now I have no one looking for me, and I'm free to sit in my living room on a comfy chair or sectional, curled up with my multitudes of downloaded books, and read for as long as I please, with no interruptions, no excuses!

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