September 30, 2020 Wellness

Surviving the Virus, Part I

The virus has presented a challenge: How to be engaged and not be self-isolating?

A Word from the VOE Editor

As we all know, these are very difficult times. We strive for the normalcy we used to have, but we cannot find it right now. We seek ways to abate our own anxiety and boredom, but little comfort or solace comes our way. When discussing this issue during a recent VOE Board meeting, a suggestion was made for us to reach out to those around us to find what they are doing during these times to continue their wellness and to consider giving tips for others to combat these issues. To my amazement, we have received a treasure trove of responses. Today, we will include a few of them. In future issues, we will continue to publish others. We hope these suggestions are as helpful to you as they are to us. For those who have not had an opportunity to provide us your statement, please send them in. We will be very happy to publish them. 

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