May 27, 2020 Financial Planning

Attorneys: The Professional Skeptics Get Burned by Email Scams

By Donna J. Jackson

Attorneys are created in law school to be skeptics. Then how do thousands of lawyers get scammed? I receive thousands of emails each week. There are always emails from "potential clients" who want to hire my firm to provide legal services. Just this week, I received an email to hire me to prepare taxes with attachments to the email that the sender wants me to open. I received another email from a financial planner in Europe whose client died and left inheritance to someone with my same name. They look legit on the surface with a name of a company, address and phone number. However, attorney beware. These are all based on three common scams on lawyers: The "Fake Client Check" scam, "Ransom" scam, and "Impersonating a Known Client" scam.

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