June 24, 2020 Technology

Survival of the Fittest

Protecting Yourself Against Scammers

By Jeffrey M. Allen & Ashley Hallene

We added the subtitle as we wanted to make it immediately clear that this article has nothing to do with evolution or surviving Covid-19. But Covid-19 does not pose the only threat to our well-being in today’s society. A combination of technological advancements, simple (and complex) greed, and a large group of vulnerable pigeons has caused the art of the scam to grow rapidly in recent years. Statistics published by the Consumer Sentinel Network, maintained by the Federal Trade Commission recently reported that in 2019 the United States had 1,679,934 consumer fraud claims made an additional 650,572 identity theft complaints. (https://www.iii.org/fact-statistic/facts-statistics-identity-theft-and-cybercrime).  While not every consumer fraud or identity theft operation has a basis in technology, most do. You can take certain precautions to limit your exposure and make yourself a smaller target.

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