February 26, 2020 Elder Abuse Prevention Committee

Trauma-Responsive Care in Elder Abuse Cases

Committee Report

There is an increasing understanding of the role of trauma history and the importance of trauma-informed care in the field of elder abuse. A recent report, The Things They Carry: Advancing Trauma-Informed Responses to Elder Abuse, discusses the growing role of trauma-responsive care in cases of elder abuse.

“While elder abuse is no longer in the shadows, most Americans still don’t understand how damaging it can be. In particular, the trauma that remains even after the abuse has ended is not at all well understood. Reaching elders in need, helping them to heal, changing systems and marshalling the resources required depends on expanding and deepening public understanding of the problem itself.”

Readthe full report at https://theweinbergcenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/TheThingsTheyCarry-JAN2020.pdf

The Elder Abuse Prevention Committee looks to educate the legal community on the problem of elder abuse and advocate for its victims. The committee efforts include preventing scams and financial exploitation. The group has compiled a list of resources in each state where elder abuse can be reported.