August 26, 2020 Technology

Video Conferencing 1A

By Jeffrey M. Allen & Ashley Hallene

Partially as a result of the advances of technology and significantly as a response to the restrictions imposed by government respecting the attempt to limit the spread of Covid-19, our society as a whole and most of us as individuals have become more willing to use and, in many cases, more dependent upon video conferencing technology. Accordingly, it made sense to us to give you a short course in how to do video conferencing well in this month’s column. Welcome to Video Conferencing 1A, a lower division course in the basics of video conferencing. Underscoring the relevance and the importance of this technology, we point to the fact that it has grown in all manner of uses from intimate conversations between lovers, to family get togethers, to social gatherings among friends, to business meetings, medical visits, and the practice of law. Simply put, you can’t escape people wanting to use one form of video conferencing or another.

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