September 25, 2019 TECHNOLOGY

What Did You Say?

By Jeffrey M. Allen and Ashley Hallene

A few years ago, I wrote a review of the first generation of the ReSound hearing aids for the Voice of Experience.  ReSound’s claim to fame?  That it built the first set of made for iPhone legitimate hearing aids.  (Also, that it also built a darned good hearing aid).  As a confirmed Apple User (I have had an iPhone since they first came out and regularly upgrade to the latest and greatest [same thing for iPads]), and an elder lawyer (meaning I have reached the age of mandatory withdrawals from my retirement accounts, not that I practice elder law) who has experienced some hearing loss, I could not resist the combination and arranged to review the hearing aids.  The original ReSound made for iPhone hearing aids worked pretty well, but had a few problems (for example, they regularly fought with my car for control of phone calls to and from the iPhone when I traveled in my car). 

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