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Our New Nursing Home Arbitration Mandate: Educate, Educate, Educate

Get educated on the effects of a new rule from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Advocacy (CMS) that could prevent nursing home and assisted-living residents from litigation against the operator of the facility. Arbitration agreements being shoved onto newly admitted residents and their families could mean rash decisions, learn how to properly advise your clients, help your family members and maybe even yourself.

Professional Development

Your Right Brain's Importance To The Rest Of Your Life

Maybe you've had a case where you've helped someone in a difficult divorce and they have to sell the home and move out. As you travel through your city and state, keep your camera in your car and on some day late in a month you’ll come across a pile of belongings outside a home, on a curb. That tells a story, whether of a difficult divorce or difficult landlord, but you can shoot it knowing that your work as a lawyer gave you an opening to know and understand the situation. Everyone and especially lawyers need a creative, contemplative space for release and personal growth. Learn about how photography has impacted Victoria Herring.

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