October 30, 2019 Senior Lawyers Division Committees

SLD International Law Committee

By Robert E. Lutz and Aaron Schildhaus

The International Law Committee of the Senior Lawyers Division (“SLD International") serves experienced lawyers who are members of the ABA, are 62 or older, and who are interested in international law (including Transnational Law) and practice and in issues with international aspects, including retirement, travel, etc.

Our objective is to serve our members and advance the goals of the ABA by focusing on international law in its many aspects.  We have identified various areas of interest and are now in an organizational phase. We encourage all those who have an interest in international matters to join the committee and work together to:

  • Employ the knowledge and skills of committee members to address important and timely international issues of the Association and/or issues of concern or interest to its members via development of programs, publications, projects, and policies;
  • Collaborate with other entities of the Division and the Association and with international government and non-government organizations (“IGOs” and “NGOs”) in addressing international concerns, including (but not limited to) efforts to advance the rule of law in the world, protect the legal profession worldwide, promote ethical practices of the profession in rule of law-challenged countries, etc.;
  • Explore the legal professions of other jurisdictions via personal and group exchanges;
  • Offer opportunities to member to transition to “second-season” international careers or activities; and
  • Develop mentor and legal assistance programs that involve activity in foreign countries and work with existing programs linked with the Association and with other lawyer or non-lawyer based organizations involved in programs with activities or focus on countries outside the US.

Our next conference call will take place on December 11 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm ET.  Call-in 866-646-6488 | Conference Code: 376-453-1400.

If you wish to participate, please send emails to the SLD International Law Committee co-chairs: Aaron Schildhaus and Professor Robert Lutz  with a copy to Emily Roschek at emily.roschek@americanbar.org.

Please let us know in your email that you are interested in a copy of our proposed game plan and to let us know areas of particular interest to you as a member of the Committee.