May 28, 2019 Elder Abuse

Scams & Financial Exploitation

By Donna L. Jackson

Financial scams targeting seniors is now considered “the crime of the 21st century.”[1] The FBI has stated a number of reasons why older adults may be the best target for scammers: Older adults are more likely to have a nest egg, people who grew up during the 1930s-1950s “were generally raised to be polite and trusting,” and older adults may be less likely to report out of fear of what others may think about the situation.[2] However, scammers may not always be a stranger over the phone or on the internet. In fact, “[o]ver ninety percent of all reported elder abuse is committed by an older person’s own family members, most often their adult children, followed by grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and others.”[3]

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