March 26, 2019 Chair's Column

Chair's Column: March 2019

Marvin S.C. Dang

Aloha (greetings) from Honolulu, Hawaii!

As the Chair of the Senior Lawyers Division for the 2018-2019 bar year, I want to thank you for perusing the March 2019 edition of our SLD’s Voice of Experience e-newsletter.

Commencing with my Chair’s column in August 2018, each month I’ve introduced a Hawaiian word or phrase which I’ve linked to activities in our Division.

Last month’s word was “alaka‘i,” which means “leader, guide, or director.” Our Division has been and will continue to be a leader in addressing the opioid crisis and other critical issues affecting our members, their families, their communities, and our legal profession. Here’s the link to my February column:

This month’s Hawaiian word is “lōkahi,” which means teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation.

As we’re moving past the midpoint in the current 2018-2019 bar year, here’s the list of our Division’s leaders who’ve been working collaboratively to make the SLD a leading entity in the ABA:

2018-2019 SLD Executive Committee:

 Marvin S.C. Dang, Chair, Honolulu, HI
Albert C. Harvey, Chair-elect, Memphis, TN
Michael J. Van Zandt, Vice-Chair, San Francisco, CA
John Hardin Young, Immediate past Chair, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Carole L. Worthington, Secretary, Knoxville, TN
Jeffrey M. Allen, Assistant Secretary, Oakland, CA
Llewelyn G. Pritchard, Budget Officer, Seattle, WA
William Mock, Assistant Budget Officer, Chicago, IL
Ruth L. Kleinfeld, Division Delegate, Manchester, NH
Seth Rosner, Division Delegate, Saratoga Springs, NY

2018-2019 Council Members:

Anthony H. Barash, Chicago, IL
Charles S. Brown, Winchester, VA
Karen P. Campbell, Tallahassee, FL
Leonard H. Gilbert, Tampa, FL
Sheila Slocum Hollis, Washington, DC
Richard M. Leslie, Coral Gables, FL
Orlando Lucero, Albuquerque, NM
Harry Truman Moore, Paragould, AK
Kerry R. Peck, Chicago, IL
Savannah Potter-Miller, Atlanta, GA
James L. Schwartz, Chicago, IL
Saul A. Wolfe, Livingston, NJ

  2018-2019 Honorary Council Members:

Richard Goodwin, Fresno, CA
Donna J. Jackson, Oklahoma City, OK

I also want to give a shout-out to the hardworking SLD Staff: Emily Roschek (Staff Director), Lexie Heinemann (Program Associate), and Tracey Moore (Marketing Specialist).

During the remainder of the year, our Division will continue to produce our monthly Voice of Experience e-newsletters, publish our quarterly Experience magazine, and release new books.

SLD committees will continue to meet in person, through conference calls, and via e-mails.

Our Division’s annual U.S. Supreme Court Trip on Sunday, June 2 and Monday, June 3 includes an admission ceremony at the Court. We’ve again invited a Justice to meet with us in a conference room after the admission ceremony. More information about past events and registering for 2019 U.S. Supreme Court Trip is at this link: .

And we’re finalizing our plans for our Spring Meeting in New York City May 2 - May 4 and our Annual Meeting in San Francisco August 8 - August 10. At both, we’ll have educational programs, committee meetings, and Council meetings.

Join us on August 8 during the Annual Meeting in San Francisco for the always enjoyable John H. Pickering Achievement Award reception and dinner. The Award is annually presented by our Division to a recipient who has compiled a distinguished record of service to the profession and the recipient's community, has demonstrated outstanding legal ability, and is recognized for significant contributions to improving access to justice for all. Here's the link to more information about the Award:

Check out our website at this link for our events and resources:

Our Division’s strength is you --- our 50,000 members with your collective experience. We have many opportunities for you to share your experiences, knowledge, and insights. If writing articles or authoring books is your forte, or if you’re interested in volunteering for one of the SLD’s practice and substantive law committees, we welcome your assistance and collaboration.

To join our team of volunteers, please e-mail your interest to our Division’s staff at

Through teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation ---“lōkahi” --- the SLD can achieve more.


Marvin S.C. Dang
2018-19 Chair, ABA Senior Lawyers Division

Marvin S.C. Dang is the managing member of Law Offices of Marvin S.C. Dang, LLLC in Honolulu, Hawaii and has been an attorney since 1978.  He’s currently the 2018-2019 chair of the ABA Senior Lawyers Division, a member of the ABA Nominating Committee, a delegate in the ABA House of Delegates, and a commissioner on the ABA Commission on Racial and Ethnic  Diversity in the Profession.  During the past 42 years, he’s held leadership positions in various ABA divisions and sections.  A former legislator in the Hawaii State House of Representatives, he’s now a registered lobbyist.  His law firm’s practice areas include legislation, lobbying, creditors’ rights, and real estate matters.  He received his law degree from the George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C.

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