February 26, 2019 Retirement

Martial Arts and Expertise

David Kaufman

Editor’s Note: This is excerpted from a chapter in an upcoming Senior Lawyers Division book titled Second Acts for Solo and Small Firm Lawyers.

I’m 70. I just retired. Why did I decide to retire? After all, I feel pretty good. I’m in good health other than a few kinetic injuries from a very active youth that have caught up with me. I spent all my career doing litigation—mostly bespoke litigation for entrepreneurs and owner-managed companies. Usually, no more than 4-6 cases at any one time. I was always either solo or, later, the Kaufman Law Group was a small firm of no more than 3 lawyers plus staff; I always tried to be as lean as possible. To combat the stress of litigation, I continued with my other avocation: the martial arts.

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