November 27, 2018

Holiday Recipes from SLD Leaders

Disclaimer & Editor's Note

During the VOE Board’s October meeting, we decided to solicit holiday recipes from members of the SLD Council and VOE Board. We are delighted by the submissions and are proud to include a variety of appetizers and entrees in this issue. Next month we will publish the desserts. I am grateful to the many persons who provided us with plenty of additional calories to lug around this holiday season. However, the recipes look so incredible that it seems worth the calories.  So, I am pleased to present them to you for your enjoyment.

In keeping with “lawyerly tradition” and common sense, we have a few disclosures and disclaimers to include. Without further ado, here they are, and then we can get to the good stuff:

  1. Nothing in this article or the included recipes constitute either the endorsement of a recipe or its contents by either the American Bar Association (ABA) and/or its Senior Lawyers Division (SLD). Rather, the contents of each recipe solely represent that of each contributor and their personal opinions. Measurements and choice of ingredients are accurate to the author’s own particular taste. I have read that the adventurous cook is one who will adjust amounts and even an ingredient to please his or her own palate, and of course, dietary issues.   In that regard, butter and margarine may also be interchangeable with non-dairy products depending on your individual cholesterol and other dietary tolerances and limitations.
  2. Opinions and information contained in these recipes do not replace, modify, alter, amend, or change the recommendations of a brand-name item manufacturer. Any such modifications from those of a brand-name manufacturer are those opinions of the author of each recipe and not those of the ABA or SLD. Furthermore, if a brand-name of a product is stated, we are not aware of whether any of the authors have been subsidized in any way by any brand-name manufacturer for stating that their product is being used.
  3. We recommend that you read the entire recipe before starting to cook. As a further word of advice, be sure your oven is working properly and that the thermostat is accurate. It is also wise to always monitor something during its preparation to make sure it is cooking properly and to your satisfaction.
  4. The information and recipes contained in this article including all portions thereof may not be copied or disseminated in any form or by any means or stored in an electronic database or retrieval system without the express written consent of the American Bar Association and Senior Lawyers Division being first obtained in writing. 
  5. The Surgeon General has not yet opined on this subject and/or its use by you either in your daily diet or even a holiday meal. Indeed, certain foods have been found to be quite caloric and not appropriate for all persons. You should heed the advice and recommendations of your physician, nurse, trainer, spouse, children, office assistants, and others who tell you to eat a smidgeon and not the entire plate, no matter how inviting it looks and even how awesome it tastes. The word to always follow is “moderation…” at best.
  6. Lastly, in case of weight gains, neither the SLD nor the ABA will be providing any dues rebate for gym memberships or weight reduction programs and/or the payment of any medical bills incurred due to glutenous activity by you.

In all candor, we are very happy to share these wonderful recipes with you and wish each of you and your families a wonderful, joyous, and safe holiday season.

Jim Schwartz, Voice of Experience Editorial Board Chair

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