December 18, 2018 Book Synopsis

Technology Tips for Seniors, Volume 2.0

The tools you need for today, tomorrow, and beyond

Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene

You can’t hide from technology in your personal or professional lives, and you shouldn’t want to. Technology can and should make life better; it improves the way we practice law and how we interact with one another. With a little time and effort, you can master (or at least harness) the power of technology. Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene wrote Technology Tips for Seniors, Volume II (“TTFS”) to help you harness that power.  

TTFS propels readers beyond the boundaries of the first Technology Tips for Seniors book. Volume II is designed to walk readers through technology tips for the office, home, or road and to help you safely maximize your time online. This volume even adds a chapter on the authors’ favorite apps, which can be used as a quick-start guide for applications you may want to incorporate into your use of tablets, phones, and other smart devices.

Every turn of the page presents a new tip, suggestion, or product to add to your technology toolkit. TTFS does not update or replace the authors’ first book. In TTFS the authors create a brand-new collection of tips and suggestions that augments the first. You don’t need to read the first one to understand the second. If you do not have the first volume, you might want to as the two together give you even more help; the tips in the first volume remain valuable today.

Do you know where the dark web is and want to find it? You have questions about technology, and this book has answers to many of them. As more states impose the duty on lawyers to maintain a level of technological competency, guides like this book become even more important. ABA Model Rule 1.1 requires that a lawyer “keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits or risks associated with relevant technology," and this book can help you do just that.

One of the biggest threats with technology that lawyers encounter is cybersecurity. Imagine yourself sitting and working at your office desk when you receive an email from a name you recognize with a memo attached. You do not remember asking for the memo, but you open the attachment to see what it is about, only to find that it is not a memo at all; it is malware that has now infected not only your computer but every other computer attached to the same network. Fortunately, the TTFS reader doesn’t have to meet this fate (check out the discussion on identity theft in the “Miscellaneous Technology Tips” chapter). There are also great tips on securing your information while traveling and how to access the internet when traveling abroad (detailed in the chapter on “Travel Technology Tips”).

All work and no play have a negative impact on everyone, so the book also explores the fun side of technology. There are many ways technology can improve your hobbies (cooking, socializing, health and fitness, etc.) As of 2017, four out of ten seniors now own smartphones, and that number continues to rise. Take a look back to the year 2000, when only 14% of seniors reported using the Internet. Today, that number has grown to 67% for adults age 65 and over. Studies indicate that once online, most seniors make the internet a part of their daily routine, with roughly three-quarters of senior Internet users going online daily.

What are all these seniors doing online? The vast majority use the internet to communicate with family (check out the discussion on the Amazon Show). The following most popular activity is online shopping (there are quite a few recommended sites to check out for this activity.) Beyond that, common uses include:

  • Research (specifically, gathering health care information or learning about medical issues);
  • Comparing prices for purchases (especially cars, vacation rentals, etc.);
  • Keeping up with news in the community; and
  • Watching TV shows, movies, and other videos.

All of this and more make Technology Tips for Seniors, Volume II a great read and an excellent addition to your library.

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Technology Tips for Seniors, Volume 2.0: The tools you need for today, tomorrow and beyond

Technology Tips for Seniors, Volume 2.0: The tools you need for today, tomorrow and beyond


Jeffrey Allen is the principal in the Graves & Allen law firm in Oakland, California, where he has practiced since 1973. He is active in the ABA, the California State Bar Association, and the Alameda County Bar Association. He is a co-author of the ABA book Technology Tips for Seniors.

Ashley Hallene is a petroleum landman at Alta Mesa Holdings, LP, and practices Oil and Gas law, Title Examination, Due Diligence, Acquisitions and Oil and Gas Leasing in Houston, Texas. She frequently speaks in technology CLEs and is Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Technology and Reviews Department of the GPSolo eReport.