December 18, 2018

Call for Authors: What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

The Senior Lawyers Division's quarterly publication, Experience Magazine, needs your help!

For the April/May 2019 issue, the magazine is calling for experienced lawyers to write a 500-word first-person piece on what they would tell their younger selves.

The question posed: Looking back on your life and career, what lessons have you learned that your younger self could have benefitted from early in your career?

Examples of articles:

  • How a lawyer passed up an opportunity but still wonders what could have been, with the lesson being not to be afraid to take risks (like moving for a job you'd love, but not doing it for some reason)
  • How someone waited, waited, and waited to try something they always wanted to do, such as volunteering to take on a criminal pro bono case even if it's outside your expertise and then loving it, turning it into a career-long passion.
  • Something that went well that made you proud to have become a lawyer.

Experience’s audience is comprised of older attorneys specializing in any practice area of law. The magazine publishes articles on topics of interest for these lawyers, along with those related to business planning and management, politics, history, culture, travel, health, and the arts. Each article offers practical advice to lawyers who are later in their careers or who are retired or semi-retired.

Please reference Experience’s author guidelines to give you a feel for the tone and style of the magazine. In a nutshell, Experience is a magazine, not a journal, so articles take on a more informal tone and do not include footnotes or citations.

If you're interested in submitting your first-person insights, please email Gabriella Filisko at by January 17, 2019.