February 28, 2017

A Dragon to Boost Your Productivity

Welcome to our new column, "Tech Tips for Seniors." Many of you already know us as we have both written for Experience and the Voice of Experience. We have also authored several books on technology, including one for the Senior Lawyers' Division. In this column, we intend to offer advice and suggestions to you about products to buy or technology to employ in your office and your personal life (yes, we presume that members of the SLD have a personal life). Anyone can use the tips we plan to write about (even non-lawyers), but we plan to choose tips that we think will particularly interest senior lawyers. If you have a question that you want some help with, feel free to email it to us at the addresses above. We may not answer all the questions we get in this column, but we will look for those that we think will interest others as well. We might also respond by email. This column will come to you in each issue of the Voice of Experience. We hope you will look forward to it, read it regularly, and benefit from our suggestions.

In this first column, we want to talk about capturing and using a dragon to help your productivity. For those of you who have not picked up on the reference, dragon refers to "Dragon Naturally Speaking" and "Dragon for the Mac," both of which use the Dragon engine for speech recognition. Some of us old-timers refer to speech recognition as VR, which stands for Voice Recognition. Because the younger generation have usurped the acronym VR for virtual reality, we will refer to the process as speech recognition or SR to avoid confusion.

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