February 23, 2016 From the Chair

Message from the Chair: We're Here to Help

Louraine C. Arkfeld

Welcome to our second Voice of Experience e-newsletter. This month we feature articles about various aspects of your finances. As we start to work on – and hopefully complete – our taxes, the reality of the need for financial planning becomes more obvious. Whether you are retired now or simply in the planning stage, or even looking at semi-retired status, you quickly realize that any choice you make requires secure and stable funding. We all want to be in a position to make those choices. And never has it been more challenging.

This month's newsletter is designed to help. The articles include issues for retirement planning at different ages, information to understand when working with a financial advisor, protecting your funds from fraud as well as protecting yourself from scams. And if you really want to leave it all behind, you need to know how to deal with U.S. taxes when you retire abroad. (Should we be surprised that in fact those tax issues will follow you wherever you go?)

As I read these articles, I learn much that I did not know and much that I surely wish I had known. This is information not just of use to each of us individually, but also to our clients and to our families. Please share these articles with others who could benefit from their insight. We are so fortunate to have individuals in our division who can educate us and be such wonderful resources.

Speaking of wonderful resources in our division, please enjoy our Member Spotlight this month featuring the inimitable Selma Moidel Smith. If ever there was an example of how to live a full life and contribute in so many ways, she is surely the one. Selma has been a role model for many of us for a long time and if she has not been yours, she will be after you read about her.

Enjoy the articles, learn from them and use them to assist in your future – whatever, whenever and wherever you choose that to be.

Louraine C. Arkfeld

Louraine C. Arkfeld