April 27, 2016

Recognizing and Working With People Who Have Dementia

Louraine Arkfeld

This month’s themes for Voice of Experience are topics that touch everyone – Alzheimer’s, dementia, and aging. By the age of 85 years old, one in three adults is suffering from symptoms of dementia, so it will definitely affect someone in your life. It might be your clients, it might be your own family, it might be your neighbor. My parents died before exhibiting any symptoms, but I have dealt with it in other family members and certainly witnessed almost all of my peers struggle with the issue with one or both of their parents. The impact is on everyone in that person’s life. To me one of the most startling statistics is that 60 percent of caregivers die before the person for whom they are caring dies. So it is important that we all prepare for it as much as possible and become aware of resources that will help us cope.

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