April 29, 2016

Creating Dementia-Friendly Communities

David Godfrey

It is estimated that the number of people with dementia living in the United States will grow from about 7 million to more than 14 million over the next 30 years. Dementia-ready or dementia-friendly communities are communities prepared to help every citizen age in place with networks of trained dementia-capable staff in the public and private sector and accommodations in place for people across a broad spectrum of capacity. The goal of developing a dementia-friendly community is to create a living environment that empowers adults with changes in memory or cognition to live in the setting they most desire. Dementia is not just: a health care issue, a caregiver issue, a long term care issue, a legal issue, a housing issue, a social issue, a neighborhood issue, a transportation issue, a community services issue, a nutrition issue, or a family issue. It is all of these things; every part of the community must work together.

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