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Pro Bono

Great Pro Bono Opportunities for Senior Lawyers: How and Where to Find Them

There is no better or more fulfilling way for senior lawyers to utilize their legal skills and stay connected to their profession than to do pro bono legal work on behalf of persons with limited means. Across the country, a growing number of senior and retired attorneys are contributing their time and expertise to the provision of legal services to the underserved, whether they are solo or large-firm practitioners, corporate or government attorneys, or members of the judiciary and the academic world.

Professional Development

Croatia’s Adriatic Coast: Soothing Mediterranean Breezes and Sunshine

With all due respect to the medical profession, one of the activities that I would prescribe to ensure a long and happy life is regular travel, whether domestically or internationally. My wife and I recently chose Croatia because it is a repository of history with enduring Roman and Venetian influences, and it appeared to offer an irresistible blend of natural beauty, cultural gems, and ancient architecture.

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For You: Dues Discounts, Fulfilling Work—and Wyoming!

In our last Voice of Experience visit, I wrote about membership. Here’s more on that subject. Last summer, SLD member John Clark was about to celebrate his 75th birthday and he recalled from his Board of Governors and House of Delegates service that there was a 50 percent dues reduction available to ABA members age 75 and older who had been a member for 25 years. However, there was no indication thereof on his dues renewal.

Professional Development

Joe Woods: A Man for All Seasons

My friend, Joe Woods, passed away on July 15, 2013. Many of you knew Joe, as he was active in professional associations at the local, state, and national level. More recently, he was a frequent contributor to VOE’s “A Chance to Travel.” Joe was a great person, wonderful family man, well-respected lawyer, and consummate professional. You often hear those phrases said about someone who has passed away, but in Joe’s case, they are all really very accurate.