June 01, 2014

Letter to The Editor

Frederick A. Beckman


Dear Mr. Belmar:

Your “Washington Scene” column, “The Student Debt Crisis: Seniors Included!” (VOE Vol. 26, No. 1, Spring 2014) about the $1.2 trillion student loan debt stirred my interest. My personal interest is my grandson’s $6,000-plus balance, which he is paying without any problem, since he and his wife both have excellent jobs as a result of college educations. My entire education was paid for by the U.S. (Navy V-12 and G.I. Bill) (except for $500 my parents paid for my freshman undergrad year). The government came out way ahead on its investment by collecting the income taxes I paid over the years. It occurred to me: why not a GI Bill that would enable the United States to pay off or forgive the balance due on student loans? $1.2 trillion is a lot of bucks, but it’s small change compared to the funds shelled out to keep Wall Street and GM afloat.

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