March 01, 2014

Volunteer for Vets, Learn about Senior Driver Issues—and Come to Wyoming!

Friends and fellow SLD members!

Several things on my mind today:

First, volunteer legal assistance for veterans, in particular for disabled veterans. You will recall the fall issue of Experience devoted to veterans and a description of the Veterans Administration programs to provide volunteer lawyer assistance. On March 22, Albany Law School hosted such a program. I had registered to participate, looked forward to the experience and to the satisfaction of helping a veteran in need of a lawyer. A client conflict prevented it. Fortunately I was able to contribute in a small way by arranging for the New York State Bar Association to donate a set of the New York Lawyer’s Deskbook and the New York Lawyer’s Form Book, a seven-volume set of materials in both print and electronic form, with a retail price of $750. It will enable volunteer lawyers to draft documents on the spot for participating veterans, a living will, healthcare proxy, last will and testament, and simple business forms. But for me there’s more: the Saratoga County Bar Association organized its own Veterans Legal Clinic in mid-April. I’ll be there. Fellow SLD members, join this national effort and feel good!

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